This picture shows a small and very beautiful mosque where this mosque looks very beautiful and the condition of being very small here is that many people continue to recite prayers in this mosque and here it is seen that the mosque is beautifully painted and painted  This is why it is so beautiful to see everything painted together. This is usually the holy place where Muslims go and pray five times. There is a wish for peace in the court of Almighty Allah for the people of this world and here it is seen that there is a beautiful one above and above this mosque.  When given a lot and with a sound system helps to spread through it and all in all the picture looks very beautiful. Extraordinary beauty is a picture of a mosque and has not been seen yet because they can't afford to pay more because of the rural environment and that is why  The mosques are very small and all in all the picture looks very beautiful and it is a picture of Jeyala village in Satkhira city.
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