To keep my mind right and to enjoy the beautiful scenery in a beautiful environment, I have to go out a lot. I went out myself to enjoy the beauty of different places and I was enjoying this beautiful place and this beautiful place is an inner part of Shyamnagar in Kanti Nagar Upazila and  This beautiful part I went to this place There is a place of interest and a park and there are many beautiful places inside this park There is an environment for sitting I was sitting in this beautiful place and my younger brother gave him this picture and you can see how beautiful this beautiful environment is here  There is and this beautiful view of the trees has blossomed and here I have spent a long time and I have presented this beautiful moment to you. I was very happy and I am very happy. I have benefited a lot from going out.  There are enough roles and it was really nice to see such roles and enjoy the environment and this beautiful moment  I shared it in front of you so that you like it very much and if you like it, please like and comment
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