This beautiful place on the east side of Cement France and it is known as an office and meteorological office here demands from this office to give them some beautiful news that the sun rises here for 365 days.

Menton se encuentra serenamente en el este de la Riviera francesa, a tiro de piedra de la Riviera italiana. Menton se llama, la perla de Francia.

And in this beautiful place in France, it was great to see the beautiful patterns of the natural environment of this beautiful hill of the meteorological office. It is seen that the houses are very beautiful and surrounded by such a beautiful environment.
El microclima único de Menton lo convierte en un gran lugar para cultivar sus famosos limones. Es un lugar donde la gente se apiña en asientos al aire libre en cafés en invierno. Hay sol durante la gran mayoría del año; la oficina de turismo reclama 316 días de sol.
I am very happy to see such beautiful patterns and functionality of this kind of weather office. I hope you will like it. If you like it, please like and comment.

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