I am going to post among you the most horrible scene pictures I have ever seen in the world. I was really scared to see the picture. If you see the picture, the blood of your body will become cold. It is scary to see a really scary picture of Saudi. Now the picture you see is in a famous museum in England where a crocodile is trying to drag an animal or a human inside the stomach of a tall crocodile. In the picture you can see a man entering the crocodile's mouth. And another man is trying to save that man. One of the biggest has been the creation of a hostile environment. But in reality it is nothing in the real sense. It is a museum that draws all kinds of anti-reality scenes inside a room. It really tries to give people a different kind of flood of joy. This is not an event. This space created in the room really looks like someone is going into the waist but it is not. I liked it a lot later when I found out that it was a. And for Akash who heard this kind of thing and saw this scene, he has been recognized as a famous artist by people all over the world.
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