Dear brothers and friends, take my greetings.  In this picture you can see a beautiful landscape of Bangladesh.  The name of this place is Subari Ghata.  We went to visit this place.  And I picked up this picture while traveling.  This picture shows 3 to 4 boys. They are all friends. We were coming to visit here together.  This picture shows a much more beautiful field.  That field is full of soil.  And here is the sand. The sand rises from the river.  There is a river next to us.  The name of the river is Betna river.  Water is flowing in this river.  Moreover, the water has risen in our village.  This water has been cut through this path and discharged into the river.  And a road can be seen in the distance.  A gate can be seen on the side of the road.  The water is flowing into the river through that gate.  They can see the beautiful sky in this picture. And a mosque can be seen.  Where the child comes to read in the morning.  Moreover, many trees can be seen in this picture and a village can be seen next to it.  Many people live in this village.  Moreover it is very beautiful to see the sky in this picture.  And we have a bridge next to us.  And how many people come there and spend their leisure time.  We are coming here in the afternoon.  I took pictures at that time.  I hope everyone will like it.
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