Dear brothers and friends, take my greetings.  You can see a beautiful river scene in this picture.  The name of this river is Bedna river.  That river is located next to our house.  And the name of this place is Subari Ghata.  That is the name of an area next to our house.  There is a beautiful bridge here.  This bridge is very beautiful.  And was made many days ago.  There are a lot of people here on this bridge.  People come and sit here during their leisure time especially in the afternoon.  Because it is very beautiful and has air of nature.  Which makes the human mind very happy.  Moreover we came to visit here in the afternoon.  I came and took this picture.  I had three friends with me.  We went to the river.  And I took this picture.  Then we climbed the bridge.  And there are a lot of people on the bridge.  This river was very big.  But now it has become much smaller.  This river now has water.  And there are two big markets on either side of this bridge.  Where people come to get the things they need.  Moreover, the beautiful sky can be seen here.  This view has become more beautiful because of the sky.  Moreover this picture shows the river flowing through the bottom of the bridge.  This picture is very nice to look at.  I hope you like it.
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