Hi friends how are you hope all is well you can see here is very nice nice and captivating scene you can see a police brother is sitting here and can't see which river is collecting salt from im river and more people come to see different kinds of things  And he is staying in our upazila to complete the work while he is alivePeople collect all kinds of desired results from this river and can't see. Big brother is sitting in the boat. It looks very beautiful. You can see another scene here. You can see the white and blue sky looks really amazing. We can take body pictures if we want and I  To work with you, the camera with it thinks most of the time that we're not copying anymore. It's a bad habit. You copy, quit copying, and I don't.Since when have I stopped myself and you have been copying me but I am copying but I am not posting the picture in front of you but you still think that it is being copied by Google. I am very sorry for it.  Take a good look at the picture then decide when to do it
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