We need a lot of space to visit the tourist center and we see that the sand on the river bank is very old and there are many big storms and there is a tourist center.
The beach we are looking at now is Cox's Bazar beach and the four boys next to it are very beautiful moments. Due to the constant rising water, it can be seen that it has been done very nicely and in parallel which will make the tourists very happy.  It can be spent in a very beautiful way. There are many types of cars that can be used for walking back and forth Many people from our country and from our area visit here and buy some beautiful things because the beauty here wants to keep them as a memory of life in their home.
If not, we will see that some children make snail dolls out of them and make them into garlands and sell them to people in a beautiful way.  Friends are also beautiful. There are no people but a person walking here and there The cabinet by the sea may have never seen it before, so if you like our picture, please like, comment and share it to give others a chance to see it.
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