RELEASEって何? ソーシャルメディア RELEASE
RELEASEって何? ソーシャルメディア RELEASE
Hello friends, good evening to all.  The picture you are seeing now is a picture of a food. The name of the food is cake.  Looking at its shape, it can be said that it is a cup cake.  Cake is a very delicious dish.  There are no people who don't like cakes.  There are many kinds of small and big.  Although the shape of KKR is different, Ershad is also different.  Such as chocolate cake, birthday cake, etc.  The shape of the cake gets bigger when the cake is made at home or the cake is ordered on Car's birthday.  Most people like cream cakes.  It is seen that children have cakes in tiffins.  Many people eat cake at breakfast in the morning.  The cake is basically made in different bakeries and from that we he again from the store.  But cake making is too.  Cakes can be made at home with the necessary ingredients for cakes.
I hope you will like this photo.
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