Friends can see a picture in our heart and one of the market is a rice bar. The picture shows a very nice and high quality goat trader and a good quality rice seller and retailer but there is a very nice and very good quality goat for sale.  There's a salesman standing here looking very nice and they're business shopkeepers.Measuring the rice through a meter looks very nice.  How beautiful is this rice measuring scene.  And often a walker with a sack of rice looks very nice.  And you can see in front that there are different types of rice in sacks.  A very nice business in front of the store he does this business.  Many self-sufficient Debnath stores sell a lot of high quality Ataap rice and different types of rice here.  A very nice business business.  Doing business in our Dhuliar market is very beautiful and high quality Dhuliar market doing various kinds of business.  This is one of the rice environment in our Dhulia market, I have presented the picture to you.  Like Comment Share Dhuliar City Satkhira Bazar Bangladesh.
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