A tiger fish weighing 25 kg has been caught in the jail net in the Gayaland section of the Rajbari on the Padma River.

 The fish was caught in the net of Hazrat Ali Mandal, a local fisherman in Ferry Ghat No. 8 of Daulatdia on Friday morning.

 Fisherman Hazrat Ali Mandal told the media in this regard that on Thursday (November 19) at around 10 pm some people threw nets in the ferry ghat area No. 6 of Padma river in Daulatdia.  After a while I feel a strong push in the net.  At that time I realized that a big fish had been caught.  Later, when the net was lifted, the tiger fish weighing 25 kg was caught.

 Later in the morning, the fish was taken to Raushan Mollah's fish yard at Daulatdia fish market.  Later Chandu Mollah bought the fish.  He said he bought the fish from fisherman Washel at Tk 900 per kg for Tk 22,500.  It was sold to a trader in Dhaka at Tk 1,000 per kg.
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