The story of father and daughter's suffering.  Jasmine is helping the blind father by keeping his feet on the pedal of the rickshaw.  The fourth-grade girl may not know the proverb, but in a real sense she has become a 'blind stick'.  He shows the way to the blind father;  Drives the van with father.  The grass collected by the mother from the field and the leaves of the trees collected from the forest are also sold in the market.  Five members of the family are gathering food in it.

  The girl's name is Jasmine Moni.  The house is in Kushdaha Gilajhuki Garopara area of ​​Nawabganj upazila of Dinajpur.  However, his parents are voters of Akandapara in Harirampur union of Parbatipur upazila.  The two villages are located side by side.

  Born blind, Ziarul Islam and Sahara Banu have four daughters and one son.  Ruma's eldest daughter got married a year ago.  The second daughter Ruby (13) works as a housemaid in Phulbari.  The third is Jasmine Moni.  The next girl's name is Jelly (4).  Everyone's youngest son, Shahibur (2).

  The landless family lives in a tin hut on the site of the forest department.  Sahara Banu collects dry fallen leaves of the forest and cuts the grass.  Ziarul used to sell those jasmine with Moni in the market.  It did not include their three meals a day.  Later the villagers bought a van together.  But how can blind Ziarul drive a van.  From then on, little Jasmine sat in the driver's seat with her father.

  Ziarul Islam said that he drove the van with his daughter even though it was difficult without begging.  However, he is growing worried that his daughter is growing up day by day.  Sahara Banu expressed similar concerns.  But if there is no jasmine, the wheel of the van does not turn and if the wheel of the van does not turn, the wheel of the world does not turn. After school I go to drive the van with my father.  I can't even if others go to play.  There is a lot of trouble for the father.  He doesn’t look me in the eye. ’He said it was a little embarrassing to meet school friends on the street.  Jasmine says she wants to work in the government in the future.

  Harirampur Union Parishad chairman Masudar Rahman Shah said the little girl worked inhumanely.  People in the area have installed charger batteries in the old van with money.  He commented that the shortage has not decreased even though the suffering has decreased a bit.
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