Inside the bank, First Security Islami Bank is now located in Satkhira, one of the largest banks. This bank has gained a lot of popularity in Satkhira district. The transaction rules and regulations of this bank are very good. Many people can deposit now.  

The small loans given by the bank to protect the deposits and give us various assistance especially for the youth are very useful to alleviate the current problem of unemployment and also give various loans to many banks for building houses but Islamic banks give loans and fixed time.  It fixes the time of repayment of the loan. 

We do various transactions. We can take advantage of any small risk and withdraw money from any deposit and we can get rid of those risks by withdrawing money from our collateral. Our biggest benefit is our  The money we save at home is spent and if we keep it in the bank, it is protected according to our needs  When we can withdraw money from the bank, now there is an ATM system. We can withdraw money 24 hours a day through ATM booths. It is the easiest way to withdraw money from anywhere in the country.
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