In the coastal area of ​​Noakhali, in the village of Dharmapur, south of Noakhali University of Science and Technology, Dream World Park has been built on a private initiative on a 25-acre land surrounded by beautiful trees.  Noakhali Dream World Park is the largest entertainment center in Greater Noakhali for people thirsty for entertainment of all ages including children.

 The rides at Dream World Park for all ages, including children, are Swing Care, Kiddy Helicopter, Swan Boat, Flower Cup, Copy Cup, Kiddy Train, Family Train, Merry Go Round, Para to Park, Biking Boat, Nagardaula, etc.  I hope you will like this amazing park in Noakhali district. Noakhali district is one of the most beautiful and largest district in Bangladesh. It is very popular with the people of the district. I hope you will like it very much.  There is a place to entertain. Pictures have been made. I hope you will like it a lot. I did it in Noakhali district. Every day thousands of people come here to have fun.

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