Bandarban in Bangladesh is a unique source of natural beauty because when you see the unique combination of natural beauty, you can see the beauty from all around.  This beautiful natural hill of green and golden color is a sight to behold. The natural beauty of this place is beautiful. People are known as an attractive place for tourists here every year. Bandarban has been the most beautiful tourist destination of Bangladesh in recent years. Nature has adorned this region with its magnificent and splendid green ornaments. Beauty is scattered everywhere of Bandarban in magnanimous mood.
And for the beauty and visitors, Bandarban flocks to this place every year from different parts of Bangladesh to see the sights.  Different visitors can see the beautiful scenery in this place. If you look at this picture, you will understand that there is a temple here which is painted in gold.
 One will find the virgin beauty of Bandarban on every step he or she advances. Nature is extravagant here. Behind the name of Bandarban there is an overwhelming story. Long time ago this district was a great natural habitat for monkeys and it was crisscrossed by numerous canals jhiri. Monkeys used to collect fruits from forests on the other side of the canal and cross it.
After eating and collection of fruits, they returned in the same way as a group. When they crossed canals it looked like a dam from a distance. It caught the sight of local Marma community and they termed it as Magci. Here Mag means monkeys and Ci means dam.
You will probably enjoy these views of this amazing city of beauty and natural environment because you will find as many beautiful images and scenes of natural beauty as you can find anywhere else in Bangladesh. Hope you like it and if you like it, please like and comment.

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