Nahar Garden Picnic Spot Dhaka. This beautiful picnic spot is five to seven kilometers away from the east side of Ramna in Dhaka. People from different places come to visit this beautiful picnic spot and enjoy the beauty of this place and understand the beauty of the natural environment of this place.  Can't because this place is full of beauty from all around and there are different types of zoos of plants and animals here and friends come to such places to hang out together.
Here you can see everything. There is a big pond. There are different kinds of toys. There are different kinds of playgrounds for children and adults. There is a beautiful environment. There are different kinds of animals and birds inside the zoo. There are high quality hotels here.  This place has a beautiful natural environment along with the environment.
This is the reason why such places are visited every year for picnics from different parts of Bangladesh and from different departments, especially for school-college students.  This house in a beautiful environment and when they spend time in this secluded environment, their minds are refreshed. This is why this place has become a famous place in Bangladesh and Nahar Garden has become known as a variety of picnic spots and rich in different types of natural environment  The region and you will love the natural beauty and the places you like very much. You may also like this natural beauty of the mind, this picture of the environment and section , because this kind of beauty, looking at the interesting pictures and scenes of this place, you may think that you come around and the mind wants to come.  And if you like it, you must like, comment and subscribe to my channel.

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