Winter is actually a variety of winter vegetables in our Brahmarajpur market can be found in different raw material stores and you can see in different stores different types of vegetables are left here and the vendors here care for them nicely to sell to people inside the winter vegetables cauliflower cabbage radish carrots and different types  Spinach and even different types of vegetables are being sold here and it is a beautiful winter vegetable. People from different parts of the country have come here to sell this type of winter.  And here you can see the beauty of this place. We can see the raw material shops in different places of this huge shop in Brahmarajpur Bazaar which sells winter vegetables especially from Gulistan in the morning. These scenes of selling beautiful winter vegetables are really amazing because winter vegetables  Many are selling here and after the environment here  It is much better to enjoy the pictures. 
You can see many shops selling winter vegetables, especially halakhata.  And as a result of selling the rest of the year to a certain amount of people on a certain day is light, then they are charged. This is exactly what you see in such vegetable shops and these winter vegetables are very vitamin-rich and people like them in many ways.  People from different parts of the country come here to shop and enjoy the beautiful environment that comes to the market. It is a lot of fun to enjoy the beautiful environment and the natural market.  Scenes and pictures of different types of vegetable seller shops I took pictures with my own hands mobile because I like it a lot I hope you like it very much,
There are many people sitting on the sidewalk selling vendors from different places and they are selling these vegetables beautifully. This beautiful scene of selling vegetables was not really great. The afternoon goes to benefit the people of the village and if you like it you will like it.  Then you must like and comment.

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