On the sidewalk you can see the big cars of Potato Company and here you can see that there are many companies in different places especially in Satkhira district.  There are many employees for delivery such as company and Chanachur company different types of companies established different shops in different areas of Satkhira district they are beautiful, These types of people usually work hard on the sidewalks who support the company and they work for a certain amount of money. Their main purpose is to see the delivery of goods from different places.  Maybe and that's why they were sitting on the side of the road and selling these on the sidewalk and one of the best things is that these Rajpur Bazar roads are being developed here. Road development work is going on to benefit different types of people.  This place is beautifully portrayed here. You can see this beautiful place. There are different beautiful breasts here. It is better to enjoy beautiful families here. It is black because of the hot sun. I took this picture from my own mobile phone and the picture is different.  Hope you like it too, if you like it, please like and comment.
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