Work is underway on the second floor of Haji Market and here you can see some pictures of the construction of the second floor with bus poles. Here is a picture I took from my own mobile phone at 10:30 this afternoon  It was great to see the work scenes of this place and the people from different places who were working here and see the environment of this place is very beautiful and it is great to see these scenes here for the benefit of different people.  Work is going on on the second floor of this market. There is a lot of development. These big shops in this big market and now these big big shops in our Brahmarajpur market have become a lot of facilities for people to shop.  Services are available at home and at low cost we can market a variety of clothing items and even a variety of beauty products from places in the area.  One of the things I like most about the environment is that you can see the environment of this place very much. Many people from different places are coming here and they are cooperating in this development work.  It will be more convenient if we make it next to our area which is why this place is really awesome in this environment and it is much better to see the pictures of the environment of this place and the environment and the situation and you may like to see these beauty pictures because you can see here  Different people have different types of activities,
The work here will benefit a lot of people very easily that they will be able to shop here in our big fish market and walk and interact with people in different ways and here they will have a very nice environment and the upstairs building is being built.  As a result of giving the shop, you will be able to create a beautiful environment here and you will be able to see the environment in this place and it is really nice to see this environment here.  These types of houses are being built in a very expensive way and it is actually a shopping mall being built and especially the people in this shopping mall will be shopping. I hope you like it and if you like it, please like, comment and subscribe to my channel.

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