Many things are needed for cooking at home and Milad mahfil. One of them is the big pot and it is cooked in this pot and it is lost in the decorator's shop. We can see from the decorator shop in this Brahmarajpur market that it is very big for the wedding ceremony.  The pots are being rented with a certain amount and it is seen that it is being taken in a big engine van for those who are getting married or having different types of Milad ceremonies especially these pots have to be brought from the decorator shop and they are actually more benefited from the decorator shop.  .  These pots usually play an important role in cooking from where they are arranged and can be seen to be very easy to cook. You can see that there are many beautifully arranged vehicles in a van and people from different places need them.  They usually take these huge pots and pans from this type of decorator shop for convenience. I like to see the picture and the scene of this beautiful environment. I can enjoy such environment from such shops and it can take a lot of time especially at low price.  And they have to pay a certain amount of rent and they keep it very low in people's homes because they don't need it most in their homes or need it more. They usually manage it to create different kinds of events and in this world a person manages the shops specifically.  Many employees are employed, we have shops and from each shop there are different types and different  These kinds of things are delivered to their homes and we have a lot of shops. We like the beautiful environment in this market because we have this kind of decorator shop in this market.
Hey, especially in this type of pot, a lot of beautiful food is cooked, especially where Palwa rice, Birani rice and many other kinds of beautiful food are cooked and this kind of food is cooked and changed to people. Many foods can be cooked here in this type of pot.  We hope you enjoy the pictures of this beautiful environment. If you like it, please comment.
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