Siddheshwar Roy Babu is a well known person in our Brahmarajpur Bazar. You can see his shop. You and all the items of his grocery store are available. All the food is available here.  The shoppers come here to shop and sell at wholesale and retail prices, and many people like to see the pictures and the scenery of this beautiful environment because you can see that there is no gathering place for a lot of people here and there is no hustle and bustle here.  There will be no traffic jams as people will be able to go home easily by shopping here and his shop will also have a variety of items such as different types of food especially baby food and different types of cooking.  This type of curry has all kinds of ingredients in his shop so many people shop in his shop every day  No. Many of his vendors can be seen in a store that has earned the name of his shop because of which he has gained a lot of reputation for his shop. I like this place a lot. People like this place so much that people can easily shop from his shop.  The scenery catches people's eye and you can see more here. There are many more shops on the side of the road but his shop is a little more organized and he used to cut a lot of hard work but now he has become self-sufficient due to giving a shop.  It is good that people have become self-sufficient in different ways in our big market because if the poor people here have a shop they can be very successful and many people have a lot of benefits because they do not have all kinds of overall in this shop and they can enjoy these facilities more.  You can see that there are different types of products and different types of things in this store and I picked one up myself while shopping.
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