My favorite sport is Cricketer I love to play cricket We have a team and I play in this team and the name of this team is Lal Sabuj Sangha and we went to play yesterday in this huge Madrasa ground  Did and here we had the opposing team they and they were playing well for the opponent and one of my brothers took this picture of me while I was playing because he liked me playing I like cricket the most I like playing cricket one of my favorite games  What I can't say is that I go out to play this afternoon and deal with different teams. We have won a lot by playing our red and green games together and we like to play from different places and see the environment in this place.  And it has been very beautiful here and a lot of people come here to play every day. They come here to play. I played sports myself.  I love to play and I love it. I was more and more happy to see this scene in this beautiful sports environment and we were assigned a beautiful amount to play sports like yesterday's game was 300 rupees 350 rupees and this  You can expect to like this view of this place in this sports environment and if you like it, please like and comment.

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