The people of rural Bengal are always fond of joy because they love to rejoice.  This picture of food is very popular among the people of rural Bengal because they are married to this girl because they take care of her son-in-law and you can see that there are so many beautiful food items on the banana leaves.  They have prepared these dishes by putting together different types of meat and different items of food and arranging them beautifully on the banana leaves.  They look at their food so that this son-in-law is the reason why they made this kind of beautiful food to surprise the son-in-law and these scenes of making such beautiful food in such a beautiful way will not be understood without seeing it. People like this kind of food in different ways.  There are and especially people in rural Bengal like this kind of food. You may like this kind of food very much because the food is very popular and I like these tasty foods very much. The pictures of this beautiful food were really amazing.  If you like the image, please comment as this type of food is very tempting and much more tasty and especially it is made to feed the groom. If you like the image and scene of this dish, please like and comment on our channel.  Let me know if you subscribe because I like to see these kind of images so I uploaded them in front of you. I hope you like it.  If you like it, don't forget to let me know.
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