In the winter, my mother was really making cakes by eating her mother's hand cake.  And I sat next to them and ate them and I had a lot of fun.  You can see that this beautiful cake is being made here which I really like because I love to eat this kind of cake and it is very tasty. This oil cake is very well known to the people of rural Bengal today.  And it was made by my mother herself and I was sitting next to her eating this cake and enjoying it a lot.  We stay together because winter is really all around and the letter falls and I like the atmosphere of this place better.  And and I eat more happily when my mom makes this winter palm cake.
Every year we make a cake at home and my mother makes it with her own hands and I sit next to my mother tonight and watch her make this cake and eat the cake. I had a lot more fun as a child. I enjoy eating my mother's cake today because  Winter cakes are very fun. People make different types of cakes in rural Bengal. People smell different things in different houses in the evening. It is much more fun to eat. There is a ceremony in every house which is much more fun to watch and eat.  Because cake is a food that people like in different ways and it was made by my mother in the evening sitting alone in solitude so I like it better to see this place in this place I really enjoyed to see the places in this place and it is in my own hands  I ate it and I hope you enjoy it too. Why is it so much fun and so much more tasty and so much fun to eat this kind of food?  I have a lot of fun making these dishes especially in winter and yesterday evening my mother made this beautiful cake with her own hands which I was enjoying and ate with satisfaction. This dish is beautiful.  And if you like it, you must comment. Thank you, thank you so much.

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