Poor people were sitting on the sidewalk at night selling different kinds of fruits in this place at a coconut grove and I was witnessing the scene of enjoying these fruits and I saw many poor people selling fruits here.  My friend and I went shopping together and when we saw a huge fruit shop sitting on the sidewalk in this coconut grove, it was nice to see it and people from different places come and buy fruits from here, especially those who  They are sick and need fruit. They have a lot of people from here. They came here at night. I saw a lot of people here this day and I and my friends came home from the market together. I took this picture from here.  You can see that people of many ages were shopping here and they would take them from here to different places and it is seen that different types of fruits like apples, grapes and different types of oranges were not clearly displayed on my mobile.  Then it looks good that it was built here.  This picture and my friend was standing next to the winter clothes when it was shopping but I didn't catch him. If you like this beautiful scene in this environment, please comment.
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