Portugal, One of the highest mountain peaks and you can see the top of this huge hill here. The atmosphere of this place is seen here. The stars are floating.
This is the 3rd highest peak in Madeira the views from the summit are out of this world. At an elevation of 1818m, you are literally walking on the clouds.
The place is so beautiful for visitors that it is very nice to see and the environment is very beautiful and it is much better to enjoy the scenery here.  Because the beauty of this place is really much more attractive so that you will like it very much and can't see the huge mountain peaks here, people like it more and more.  You might like these places too.  Because of the beauty of this place which is known as the most attractive beautiful place of Peller in Portugal and one of the most beautiful of the highest mountain peaks.
If you like this interesting picture of huge mountains in this place, you must like and comment because the pictures of this beautiful mountain in this place are really amazing.
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