An ancient temple.  This temple is much higher.  And a boy and a girl standing in the middle of this temple.  This boy and girl love each other.  This house is our old time tradition.  We can now come to this age and learn about this house.  This house is very beautiful to look at.  The building looks very beautiful when painted white.  Many people live in this building.  We would all love to see it.  High-rise buildings have been constructed at a cost of crores of rupees.  If we do not know the different types of trees, it will be a huge problem.  It is not possible for all of us to do this, for which we attach importance to you.  There is a pond in the middle of it.  There is a lot of water in the pond.  Moreover, there are different types of flowering plants.  So through the above discussion it can be said that such a beautiful temple is the history and culture of our old times.
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