Friends, we can see many varieties of rice in the picture. The seeds of many varieties of rice are kept separately on a concrete floor. The seeds were collected in a plastic container.  He is doing these things. He is scattering the thanas in a circle. There are different varieties of paddy like Bidhan 2728 56 and other varieties of Boro season rice. The popularity of Asas is increasing day by day in our country.  We eat more Lalbagh. So to meet our food shortage we need to produce paddy. Sabita The man we see is doing this on a sunny day. He is working in this way keeping the quality of the rice. He puts the rice in the right bottle or box.  He is working in an agricultural training institute. His salary is 20 thousand rupees. He looks after the lands around the building and produces different types of crops here and sees the grains produced from it.  In a center.
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