In the picture we see a group of people from Matua Sangha going to a religious ceremony. They are lined up in a line and moving forward. There is a group leader inside them who is leading them all. In the picture we can see that they are all wearing certain quality and certain class of clothes.  They look the same. In their pictures we can see that there are large buildings in the vicinity. Most of them have musical instruments in their hands. They play according to certain signals. They can play these when they get one. They need a single technique to play musical instruments.  People of different religions live in the country. They practice their own religion. Their religious ceremonies are identical according to the religion. But we see more people of Hindu religion here. They go from one place to another to perform different types of religious ceremonies.  They believe in God. God created all these things. We also have a bond with each other because of the religious ceremonies.  Religion belongs to everyone but festivals belong to everyone. We will practice our own religion and stand by the people according to our duties and responsibilities.
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