In the picture we can see a shoe store. Here we can see different types of shoes and different models of shoes. The shoes are kept outside the shop and inside we can see shoes made of better quality advanced technology.  Different types and different colors. There is a street in front of the shop and there are big shops on the opposite side and there are many more shops next to the shop. The shoes are all put together here.  We use it because it protects us from dirt or other harmful substances. Many times many kinds of harmful substances fall on our feet, they protect our shoes, so we use shoes.  They are hung at a price of Rs 60 per piece. That means the price of two shoes is Rs 60. The shoes are available everywhere in the market.  In the past, shoes were made of wood, but they lost the smoothness of the feet, so after a lot of research, the shoes are made of rubber, which makes the feet feel comfortable and comfortable to wear.  They are selling in urban or rural areas. There are many shoe mills in this country. The way to the factory is to meet the demand of our country and it is possible to earn foreign currency by exporting abroad.
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