Here we see Mamun's shop in a beautiful shop with very nice goods and in front of this shop there is a man standing and he has come to that shop to meet his demand and a lot of vehicles are moving along this main road along a main road.  And this is a market shop and the name of this market is this bazaar near brahmarajpur bazaar there are many big brothers and there are many shops and the view of some shops here is very beautiful and the view above the shop is beautiful. Lovely a signboard is dead that's why this scene  It looks very nice and people meet their demand from here in the market. The edition is a very big store. It is sold wholesale and retail. It operates here like bus-truck micro private car.  The view of the grocery store is commentary or the view of the people. Hopefully this very beautiful Brahmapur Bazaar with a lot of people shopping together and its shopkeepers depend on their family livelihood and its shopkeepers have made a lot of money as a result and this shop looks very beautiful.  The store has highlighted the scene because of the orderly placement
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