You can see a beautiful street picture.  I posted this street picture among you.  The place is Meti Dangi village.  The road is dirt.  Surrounded by a blue net on the right side of the road.  There are many coconut trees next to the net.  Decorated with tile on the left side of the road.  There is a long fence next to it.  There are TT tree barriers with fences.  There are many trees next to the fence, such as mahogany trees, kachu trees, banana trees, mango trees, etc.  There is a tin house next to the tree.  Next to it is a tiled house.  There are a lot of clothes shaking far away inside the street.  Underneath it, many bricks surrounded by bricks can be seen broken.  There are many bash barriers beside him.  There are many trees next to the bush.
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