Khaled Bhai Salman, both Bangladesh champion shuttlers who can be called an achievement of one era of Bangladesh, Khaled Bhai is currently dominating the Bangladesh National Championship, he is currently the three-time doubles champion. Salman is currently the two-time national singles champion in a row, and has recently become the Bangladesh doubles champion in two summer ranking tournaments. They have a reputation outside of the game, Two very polite and elegant shuttlers, currently in Bangladesh these two shuttlers have been playing outdoors together for most of the season, they were winning 80% of the matches.  But the date of the game was changed again, the game can be played. Salman had his test on that day. On the 4th, Salman informed the team manager that he would not be able to play his game on the 10th. Khaled Lokman will play. Due to which Khaled Bhai Salman did not play a few games in a row in those days. Suburban matches, Sunamganj Java Bazar matches, Baralekha matches he took another one in most places, all the matches were difficult, two games against Enam Gaurab and another against Dhaka's Shuvo-Rakib  It is good but unfortunately the Khaled brothers lost, even though all the party representatives agreed, many people are not accepting the fact that they lost with Shubh-Rakib on purpose and now they are spreading rumors in their name on Facebook  I think we and It is a very normal thing to lose outdoors,
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