RELEASEって何? ソーシャルメディア RELEASE
RELEASEって何? ソーシャルメディア RELEASE
A farm house at the foot of the hill. A truly captivating landscape. It is really difficult to see such a scene. The captivating view is of Switzerland. The famous minefield village in the lap of the AlpsThere are many beautiful scenery scattered in different parts of the world. People run to those places with the pull of those scenes. Today's scene is also a rare natural place. It’s a place that really makes the heart go crazy. Even if you live in such a beautiful place day after day, month after month, year after year, I don't think you will be disgusted. It will feel like a beautiful place where you can stay year after year. There really can’t be anything else on top of such a scene. Many thanks to its photographer for such a beautiful photo.#Switzerland #somehouse #beautifulsight #landscape.
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 28観覧   2021-07-22
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