Dragon, in the picture we can see a little boy standing in a field with a dragon. There are beautiful little grass around the field.  I took the picture from Balitha .  Seeing a colorful kite in the sky fills the mind with joy.  Almost all those who spent their childhood and adolescence in the village have experience of flying kites.  Some of them have bought and flown from the shop again.  But most have made it themselves.  Cut the paper according to the size and stick a few thin pieces of bamboo with glue in it. Now the kite has to be tied with the thread.  Once the kite is ready, Gudhu has to wait for the wind.  The wind actually blows kites in the field, someone climbs on the roof of the house and flies kites. In many countries of the world, kite festivals are held now.
#Dragon #Same Boys #Filed #Colourful Sky #Clouds #Natural beauty #Balitha Village Satkhira Bangladesh.
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