This picture shows some of these houses built on the edge of a pond. They look very beautiful. They have built this bridge by themselves to go to this house. It looks very beautiful over this pond and this house is inhabited by a lot of people.  The house is built in Dhuliar village. It looks very beautiful. They have spent a lot of money to build this house. These houses are made of tin by the side of this pond. They have built these houses. These houses are very wonderful.  They have built this bridge themselves so they can easily cross this water and they can easily go to different places so they have to build this bridge.  It looks very beautiful and they have spent a lot of money to build this bridge and this bridge has made them very beautiful and this bridge  They made it with bamboo so that they could walk better If you like it, if you want to get more pictures of my next post, please like, comment and share more on my channel. And everyone stay by my side.

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