Winter is a very happy and joyous time for us because in winter we like to travel all over the place and in winter we like to travel all over the place.  It is a good time for us to go somewhere. It is a winter season, but it is a great time for our nation.  There are discussions and a lot of people come there together to listen to Quranic verses and a lot of people come here to listen to them and buy different kinds of food and different kinds of necessary toys, cosmetics from different shops and bring them home.  I am trying to give you some pictures of the market. By looking at the pictures, you can understand that it is here  There are a lot of people in the shop together with pictures of brown flowers and mahfils and there are always new types of food being sold which are very tasty to eat and it is very nice to eat.  They can go and eat and when they hear that there is no invitation for the gathering, they can do something in their life.
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