RELEASEって何? ソーシャルメディア RELEASE
RELEASEって何? ソーシャルメディア RELEASE
Muslims Mecca is the most beautiful place of our Muslim religion Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Many people have gone there to perform Hajj in Makkah and from there they are returning home. There are some people from Bangladesh who have gone to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj.  In the picture you can see a cow in Makkah Sharif where there are people all the time, there is no end to the people and now you can see no people can be seen during the corner. Corona has destroyed our world.  Which seems to be a very difficult person, I hope you like the view of this Mecca Sharif Saudi Arabia.

 #Mecca Sharif #Muslim religion Bangladesh #Saudi Arabia
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