Meat is a very favorite food of human beings.  People love to eat meat. There are more people living in Bangladesh who eat different types of food three times a day. Meat is always seen inside.  Today I will show you a scene of cooking beef at home. This beef is coming to our house. It was cooked at noon and I saved the picture on my phone camera and now I am showing this picture among you.  We hope you enjoy this beef cooking scene. Beef is the staple food in more and more homes in Bangladesh.  People love the right to eat rice and beef and are constantly seen eating them.  The scene I am presenting to you today has created a very captivating atmosphere.  Cows are farmed more and more in Bangladesh and the cows are slaughtered regularly and sold in groups.  This is the meat that people eat all the time.  I hope you like this scene of cooking beef a lot. I will always try to present it to you in such a scene.

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