Flowers are a symbol of holiness and almost everyone loves flowers.  The fragrance of flowers attracts people to it.  In this picture he shows the scene of a flower market where many flower shops can be seen and in this picture the scene of flower shop in Shahbag, Dhaka is shown.  Today's florists are smiling because they can sell flowers at a good price.  Every day many people flock to the flower shop. Everyone buys flowers of their choice. Some people give flowers to their loved ones and some people decorate their house with flowers.  Flowers are needed. They are located in Shahbag, Dhaka and buy their favorite flowers from the shop.  Hey, you can see the crowd of people in the flower alley. There are many flower shops in this alley.  The flower shop has a variety of colorful flowers.  These are all sold out.  Flower trade continues from morning till evening

#Flower shop view #Shahbagh Bazar #Dhaka #Bangladesh
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