Bishwanath Temple Khalishpur Khulna.  This Bishwanath temple is located in an area of ​​Khalishpur village in Khulna division of Bangladesh.  Here is a picture of Bishwanath temple which looks very beautiful.  I am studying in a college in Khulna. I went to the college a few days ago and when I went there, this Bishwanath temple fell in front of me which is very nice to see.  In this temple a priest worships every day in the morning and evening which is very nice to see and hear.  This temple is one of the most important temples in Bangladesh.  I was very happy to hear that this mantra is worshiped every day and I collected a picture on my own phone and shared the sari which is very nice to see.#Bishwanath Temple#very beautiful#worshipped#khalishpur Khulna
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