Greetings with flowers on the occasion of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's birthday.  This is a scene from Gadashipur High School in Asashuni.  The birth anniversary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has been celebrated in the last few days. Every school and college has officially observed this day on the occasion of this birth anniversary.  And his magazine is celebrated in a very beautiful way in Jaipur High School. Many teachers and students are present here.  Greetings with flowers in Sheikh Mujibur's picture which is very nice to see.  This is a scene of our hope. It is a beautiful scene in our area. It is beautiful to see this scene because the birthday of the father of the Bengali nation is being celebrated by greeting with flowers.#birthday#sheikh mujibur Rahman#greeting with follower#Bengali Nation#gadaiPur high School, Assasuni Bangladesh
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