the picture of the house now but it is a money transaction house place to dhulihar but money is transacted here but you will like it very much to see how beautifully the shop has been set up and how beautifully it has been constructed but the mind will be absorbed here but from home and abroad.  Money is transacted and people come here and take his account book from here by transacting money. I can say that the road is so beautifully arranged in a beautifully arranged shop. I like it very much.  It was taken where it is and I went there but the picture is beautiful among you.I am very happy to see the picture. I am fascinated. I hope you will also like it very much. I want to give you pleasure and entertainment. I hope you will get a lot of pleasure and entertainment.  You need to see the environment of the area well and if you like it, you must like, comment and subscribe to my channel.

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