Such a beautiful view of deciduous trees that leaves fall from these trees in winter due to which the beauty of the surroundings seen on the lower leaves is beautiful.  The more we do, the more we want to live a beautiful life in the midst of this fascinating nature. We all have a wonderful example of this way around us. They have started their life.  I hope it will happen.  It is a great pleasure for us to present this place in the midst of the amazing examples of nature surrounded by the attractiveness of the beautiful environment around us.  The center has made us happy in real life everywhere.  It is nice to see the leaves of Rangberang's more beautiful deciduous trees.  Beautifully illustrated with the surrounding nature, the beautiful paradigms have really driven us towards a new life and we have all been happy to enjoy my beauty thus formed by life.  By seeing really beautiful places among themselves.  If you look at this picture of any alternative place of such interesting places, you will be able to feel later that the beauty around is really worth seeing.  

#Leaves #Bahari #Trees #Nature #Beauty

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Me gusta el otoño por el color de sus hojas y la decoración que crea al caer sus hojas. En Venezuela porque no hay estaciones, solo llueve o hace sol, por estar en la línea del ecuador y por un lado es mejor así.
very nice gallery, i take 2 or 3 pictures for wallpapers