Vietnam An old tradition is found here and it is very ancient and a statue and temple patterns have been found here in this region at the foot of this hill.  And this is what is seen inside the current popular deep jungle in Vietnam and this jungle is known to go to mountain forests and especially rock jungles and there are many patterns in this jungle and people can see it when they enter the plane and when they go inside this deep forest  It is very beautiful to look at and can be adapted to this environment and this environment is much brighter and more complete and many people like to see them at different times. These amazing and beautiful places are unknown to many people and even trying to know them is as beautiful as you can see in this beautiful picture and this environment becomes more illuminated at different times. It looks much more beautiful and much more beautiful.  People like time very much, especially in this area. People like different directions of this time. We hope you will like this beautiful picture and if you like it, you must like and comment.

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