"An anxious memory ferry is floating around the neck - age probably means chatting with the memory!"  I do it in my mind! Holiday noon, mother lying down quietly. Her eyes are blinking, but her brother and sister are standing! What a yawn with Kalitala! "Didi ice cream!"  Let's go to see the magic. "- Brothers and sisters went with grandfather in the evening.  If so, embrace Grandpa in fear! The luscious oil of Grandpa's head and the pungent sweet smell of mustard oil on his body are like a reassurance! I know those days will never come back!
 When my little niece holds a flame of wax in her hand from the wind of the river, I think I say to her, "Sweet mother, keep it like this, keep it from the childhood we left behind!"
 # Pond
 # Goaljan - Bahrampur - Murshidabad # Bangladesh

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