The two pictures you see here are pictures of a wedding house.  She is sitting with a hat on her head. In our country, this is how the situation of marriage happens before marriage.  After another pitch, you can see the boy's home after taking a bath, and the village people come, mother, aunts, friends and neighbors all come and give him a sweet face.  And this situation continues for one or two hours after which 50-100 people with a fleet of vehicles go to the girl's house with the groom.  Then the groom is seated in a dressing room, alternately the girl stays in another room and a register comes and writes the name and address of the boy and leaves.  Then to the girl who is married in front of her parents and witnesses.  This wedding in our country is full of joy and many people from the groom's side go to the girl's house and then one or two hundred people from the girl's house come to the boy's house to eat and drink.  And this is how the marriage is completed. This marriage is in Bangladesh Khulna Division Satkhira District No. 9 Brahmarajpur Union Ward No. 8 Jeyala village. I hope you will like it very much.  I am a regular member of Release Company

The son is going to get married.  Sitting in a wedding dressing room just before the wedding.  Bangladesh Khulna Division.  Satkhira District.  Bramrajpur Union.  Ward number eight.  In Jeyala village

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