Jibanananda Das's memorial home 'Dhansindi' and workplace 'BM College'
 Barisal means happiness to me.  But even after coming 7/8 times, I came here for the first time that day!  The city should have been lively, but the poet's house is very little known by the people of Eshahar, and the poet's habitat is also forgotten - almost wiped out!  There is hope - Bogra Road has been named as Kabi Jibananand and an auditorium and library named after Kabi has been built next to Kabi's house.  I personally think there is much more to be done by the government.

 (P.S. Those who want to go to Kabir's house: go to Kakli intersection on Sadar Road in Barisal city, everyone knows. Bogra Road (now Kabi Jibananand Road) starts from here. Take a rickshaw to Munshi Garage and take 15-20 taka. At the junction of Munshi Garage, Kabir's House and  meeting
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