Kalachand and Saraswati with two children in one corner of the garden is a messy family of happiness and sadness. Somehow it is a little confusing place. The Thakur house made of mud is very tidy. I hope that one day there will be a small house with a cast roof.  "One day there was daily traffic in this garden. Now every six months when I go to my mother, I run to the garden. If I shake the culms on the bank of the pond, most of the culms would fall into the water! Eating culms from the culm tree of the culm! How many more heart-wrenching memories! Passing the Rakhukaka doctor's office by the side of the 40-yard ghat.  I passed Dinudada's salon and reached Kala's house. Saraswati's cries of love filled my eyes with tears!  "He must stop!
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