Lauachhara National Park is a protected forest area located in Kamalganj Upazila of Moulvibazar District.  Here nature has lavishly distributed her treasures of beauty.  Different types of trees, different types of wild animals like deer, monkeys, different species of snakes, forest roosters, mechho tigers can be seen.  Tropical evergreen and mixed evergreen forests with an area of ​​1250 hectares.

 A scene of the film 'Around the World in Eighty Days' based on Julvern's famous novel was shot in this forest.  Some of the scenes of the film were shot right there, where the railway passed near the forest.  A scene in the film was like this – the train is running.  Suddenly the driver noticed that a herd of elephants was riding in front of the line.  The train stops.  David Niven, the hero, comes down from the room to see what's going on.  Sati burning was happening in the village ahead.  The hero rushes in and saves the girl.  The girl is Shirley MacLaine.  This part of the film was shot in the railway line area of ​​Lauachhra
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